Upcoming Events

Annual Christmas Dinner and Dance


Dinner and Dance on Saturday, December 7, 2024, at the Northern Rockies Recreation Centre Community Hall.

Details on ticket sales, draws, raffles, and prizes are to be announced in June.

Season of Giving Drives & Christmas Toy Drive

Our Season of Giving Drives begins in September with a sock and underwear drive. We move into a hat and mitten drive in October, and in November, we move into a toy drive.

These drives are community-wide, and many local stores participate. Donation Bins are located at the participating stores in the community to collect socks, underwear, hats, mittens, toys, gift cards, and stocking items to be shared with families in need in December.

Donated items are also collected at our main office under our Giving Tree that is located in our office lobby for the Fall through till Christmas.

In December 2023, over 181 children participated in our Season of giving.

New Year Food Baskets

Donations of cash or gift cards are collected through the Fall to be used to purchase food basket items for families in need. In January 2024 forty gift baskets were shared with families receiving services and supports under our Association. These forty baskets impacted food security for approximately 145 children.

Potential Opportunities for Volunteers

We are looking for volunteer assistance with our special events in December.

Please call (250) 774-2596 if you are interested in helping.


If you would like to donate,

Please call (250) 774-2596 for information on how to donate.