Northern Rockies Early Years Programs: Childcare and Preschool

Located in the Northern Rockies Clubhouse
4200-45 Street (Next door to the JS Clark Elementary School Grounds)
Email: [email protected]
Cell/Text: (250) 321-6188 to speak to a teacher
To register or for information, phone: (250) 774-2596

The Fort Nelson Family Development Society operates four licensed programs; Early Preschool Readiness for 2 – 3-year-olds, Preschool 3 for 3 – 4-year-olds, Kinder-Readiness for 4 – 5-year-olds, and Childcare.

In the Northern Rockies Early Years Programs, we are very passionate about providing your child with the very best inclusive, early learning experiences possible to set a solid foundation for the success that every child deserves. Our programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of young children. They provide experiences that enrich and enhance each child's development in all areas of the whole child, including cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, and creative development. Within the programs’ daily schedule, each child has opportunities to create, explore the environment, learn problem-solving and personal interaction skills, and learn concepts through first-hand experiences. Children develop a positive self-concept through a balance of self-directed and early childhood educator-directed activities. Opportunities for solitary play, as well as group activities, are provided. Staff serve as positive role models and provide care that is supportive, nurturing, warm, and responsive to each child's individual needs. We recognize and respect that parents are the primary and most important providers of care and nurturing. We believe parents and early childhood educators are partners in children's care and education.

Child Development
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Kidz Klubs

To Register or for information, phone: (250) 774-2596

GW Carlson Kidz Klub

5617-51st Street North (In the portable in the back of the GW Carlson School)

JS Clark Kidz Klub

4200-45 Street (Next door to the JS Clark Elementary School Grounds)

The Kidz Klubs are licensed school-age programs designed to reflect the image of the child: one who is curious, capable, creative, and confident. Our programs strive to set a foundation of Success for each child. We recognize that with diversity comes different beliefs, values, and learning styles. We aim to celebrate all children for their unique abilities and contributions. We support children in the building of social skills through semi-structured social interactions and unstructured play.

The Family Development Society is committed to providing programs that are safe, nurturing, barrier-free, and all-inclusive, fostering respect and compassion for all children and their families.