Family Empowerment Program

Families are supported in strengthening family relationships and increasing healthy communication patterns while possibilities are explored for addressing the issues presented.

The Family Empowerment Coordinator provides assistance with:

  • Building healthy family relationships
  • Supporting families to discover ways of finding their own solutions
  • Make positive choices and decisions about the family situations
  • Parenting skills
  • Safety planning regarding family violence
  • Stress management
  • Accessing community resources
  • Connecting with your strengths and wisdom
  • Increase self-awareness

Education and support are provided in parenting attachment and individual development:

  • Meeting adult and child needs
  • Encouraging play
  • Healthy Attachment
  • Respectful communication
  • Effective discipline

Ministry of Children and Family Development-referred, supervised visits provide an opportunity for children and parents to spend time together in a safe and healthy environment provides coaching, modeling, and education in order to assist parents to:

supports to create environments
  • Strengthen their parenting knowledge and abilities
  • Learn healthy communication skills
  • Understand and meet their children’s needs
  • Strengthen their relationship with their children
  • Understand the reasons why visitation requires supervision

For more information on our Family Empowerment Program, contact our Family Empowerment Coordinator at [email protected]