Children and Youth With Support Needs (CYSN) Programs

The Children and Youth With Support Needs Program provide support and goal-oriented assistance to individual children and their families. The purpose of this program is to assist children in having the opportunity to participate in activities in their community and work on increasing their identified goals.

Services are available for children and youth from birth to the age of 19 years who require direct assistance in their skill development.

Eligibility for the program is based on the criteria set by the Ministry of Child and Family Development:

a) Children who qualify for Autism Funding and Programs

b) Are eligible for the At Home Program

c) Have a diagnosed Developmental Disability

Once a referral has been provided by the MCFD Support Needs Social Worker, services will be set with the Fort Nelson Family Development Society’s Special Needs Navigator. Services can be provided one on one or in a group setting. Hours are determined individually for each child, their identified needs and goals, and the Society’s contracted hours.

Referrals are received by the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Special Needs Social Worker. Located in Fort St. John, B.C. Phone: (250) 263-0121

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Support to connect with the MCFD Special Needs Social Worker can be provided by the Fort Nelson Family Development Society’s Special Needs Navigator at [email protected]

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Autism Supports

Additional or specific supports are provided to children and youth with a diagnosis of Autism. These specific services can be in addition to the services and hours provided under the CYSN Program. The services can be purchased through the individual’s Autism Funding Plan. Goals and services are set by the Fort Nelson Family Development Society’s Special Needs Navigator and the family.

For a referral or support setting up Autism Services, connect with the Fort Nelson Family Development Society’s Special Needs Navigator at [email protected]

PEACE Program

Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Councilling and Empowerment
The PEACE program is a free, confidential program for children and youth aged 3 to 18 who have experienced domestic violence, bullying, separation, divorce or suffering from low self esteem or anxiety.
Based on psycho-educational methods, PEACE programs provide individual and group programming to help children and youth:
This program focuses on improving the child/youth’s emotional health and self-esteem and strives to:

  • Stop the cycle of violence by teaching non-violent ways to resolve conflict.
  • Develop parental awareness of how violence affects the lives of their children.
  • Provide community awareness of the effects of violence.
  • Build healthy communities by supporting clients to develop healthy relationship skills.

Identify support networks and develop a safety plan:

  • Identify their feelings and express them in healthy ways.
  • Recognize their strengths and increase their self-confidence.
  • Develop problem solving and coping skills.

Play is the natural medium for self-expression in children, so we use play therapy techniques as well as art, movement, and games. Talk and attachment based techniques  are also utilized.
For more information on our Peace Program contact our Child Advocate at [email protected].