Occupational and Physiotherapy Program

Our occupational therapist can help with:

  • Fine Motor/Hand Skills
  • Life Skills and Developmental Skills
  • Sensory Processing
  • Visual Motor Skills
  • Regulation
  • Perceptual Skills
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Behavioral and Social Skills
  • Accessing positioning equipment such as bath chairs, feeding seats, car seats, and wheelchairs
  • An occupational therapist can assess a child’s skills, strengths, and environment to improve their participation in home and school settings. This can be done through formal assessments, observations, playgroups, direct therapy sessions, family meetings, and advocacy.
  • Often, occupational therapists will work on a team with speech-language pathologists (SLP), physiotherapists (PT), and other support workers.
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Our physiotherapist can help with:

  • Muscle strength and muscle tone
  • Range of motion of joints
  • Quality of movement
  • Exercise tolerance
  • Motor and reflex development
  • Functional abilities
  • Pain (type, location, extent)
  • Teaching families ways to position and handle their children to help develop muscle control and improve movement.
  • Teaching families and your child activities to encourage independent movement.
  • Determining the need for specialized equipment, including seating, walkers, standing frames, as well as adapted recreation equipment.
  • Assisting your child to participate fully in family and community life.

For more information on our Early Intervention and School Age Programs contact our Early Years Navigator at [email protected]